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Field Trips

Field trips are an ever changing array of experiences. Our favorite trips are those to the mountains. In January it’s off to Sanborn to see the thousands of ladybugs. At Alum Rock and other parks during winter and summer, we hike the many trails, watch the deer, the kids try very hard to catch the squirrels which out run them every time! When we tire during a hike we can sit a watch a banana slug, taste the minors lettuce, licorice root, or slide down the leafy hills.

When we’re not off in the mountains we head for more traditional places: Discovery Museum, Junior Museum, Happy Hollow, taste tests at local bakeries, pet stores, plays, a fire station tour, ice skating, McDonalds, roller skating, and even tasting samples at Costco.

Field trips provide a better understanding for children of what is around their home and classroom. They are more interested in learning in the classroom when there is also time out of the classroom.