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Our Program

All learning involves controlling one’s own attention. If a child cannot control his or her attention to look at what is there, he is immediately barred from learning it or about it. Our program is designed to help a child put attention on something so it can be learned about. A child or person of any age, first has a reason to look, then learn then practice the skill. Sometimes a child needs help to look outward to discover things of interest to learn more about. This is accomplished with trained teachers, field trips, gymnastics, music, bike riding, etc.

Art & Projects

Our students are exposed to a variety of art projects through the use of paint, wood, paper, collage, clay, felt, and a myriad of other things. Projects include cooking, painting murals, gardening, building, caring for animals, and more.


Weekly Tough Tumblers comes to teach our students better control of their bodies through a variety of props. This is an optional class. We also teach the kids a variety of physical skills on a daily basis. Many physical skills also require putting attention on what one is doing, so a student not only gains in the physical skill but other skills as well.


The kids get hands on fun making cookies, decorating crackers, making popcorn balls and on and on. Of course the real fun is eating what is made!


Pre-K and Kindergarten participate in dance class. Some of the dances they have performed are: The Hula, ballroom dancing, hip hop, country line dancing and The Macarana!


The kids are taught singing and rhythm. The music chosen is designed to develop a young child’s voice.
Performances are held several times yearly. Our kids also perform for each other and around the neighborhood.


Children learn a great deal about how things work by experimenting. Exciting science activities about subjects like magnetics, wind power, color, light, and sound are conducted regularly.

Dexterity Skills

Manipulative skills are gained in many ways: puzzles, pegs, tracing, cutting, play dough, finger plays and more. We use them all!

Physical Skills

Students are better able to control their attention to learn when they can first control their bodies well. Daily our students work on different skills. To name a few; running laps, hopping, climbing, biking, catching, throwing, and so much more!

Field Trips

Field trips are the best way to acquaint children with their local environment. Our students visit parks, plays, museums, bakeries, and zoos, when they aren’t hiking in the mountains, or rope climbing!