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Training Our Teachers

How to best help, teach, guide and care for young children is a vast subject. From this subject there are a lesser number of vital points. 1. Love children 2. Set a good example 3. Demand that other adults and older children set a good example 4. Listen to your child’s thoughts and ideas 5. Provide a safe environment 6. Be patient 7. Talk with your child rather than give orders. 8. Be honest. Our Teachers are required, by the state, to have 3 core courses: Child Family and Community, a curriculum course, and Child Growth and Development. Additionally 1 elective is required. Health and Safety is often chosen for this. Our teachers also have current Infant/child CPR and first aide training. The above does meet the state requirements, but does not begin to provide the competence needed to really succeed with each child and successfully team up with parents to help ensure success. Elan Esprit has many internal policies and hats to help bridge the gap.Additionally our teachers train many evenings throughout the year. Some of the courses they do are: Study Skills for Life or The Basic Study Manual, Improving Business through Communication, How to Get Along with Others, How to Effectively Handle Work, Ups and Downs in Life, Personal Values and Integrity, The Way to Happiness (A common sense guide to better living) and more. All of this adds up to more competence in working with children, co-workers and the family as a whole.


Founder - Executive Director

I thought I would include my self as well. I am from California and have been working in the field of education for 30 years. I opened Elan Esprit Preschool (originally known as Candy’s school) in 1986. We opened our Santa Clara Campus in 2004. I have done a great deal of study in many areas. Some of them are Early Childhood Education, how to run an organization, marketing, desktop publishing, business, running a lower school, ethics and integrity, how to study, communication skills, writing, how to bring spiritual ideas into fruitition, administration, how to debug a student and how to successfully teach any subject to your children. My hobbies are reading, crafts, indoor plants, photography and coming up with bright new ideas. I have three sons, one grandaughter and one grandson. Brad –, Sean –, Joren – and Webmaster for My dreams for the future are too numerous to cover here, but they all lead to helping thousands of children and parents. We welcome you to our adventure!


Parent Consultant

I was born and raised in California. When I was 12 my Mother and Step-Father thought it would be ?fun? to move and live without what I thought were ?life necessities? such as electricity, hot running water and a solid roof over our head. So, we packed up our home in Santa Cruz, CA and moved to Humboldt County, Redwood Valley to be exact. We lived about an hour from civilization. We had kerosene lamps for light, a wood stove for heat and of course for the hot water needed to take a bath. This is where I learned that chicken and beef didn?t come already packaged from a grocery store and that rabbits weren?t just for show at the fair. The farm also inspired me to strive for a less strenuous way to make a living. I am a better person for it. It gave me the ability to create on my own without the interruption of TV and videos. Books were a way to escape the reality of boredom. I have four great children ranging in age from 1 to 20. About two years ago, I married the man of my dreams and the son of the school?s owner, Brad, so I could muscle my way in and take over the business when nobody was looking!! I have been working for Elan Esprit since May 2008 and I love my job and your kids! I used to work in the Tech industry which I loved until I started working here. I spend my free time with family and friends. Someday I will travel the world, but until then I cook and bake, ride roller-coasters, travel locally, shop and if I have a great deal of free time, spark up political conversations with my husband starting with the words?.?what do you think about the blah crisis.? So I keep myself busy both in and out of the office. My long-term goals are simple, I want to watch my kids grow and succeed and help them along the way. I ALWAYS dream Big and figure out the details as I get closer to achieving the dream.


Pre-K Teacher


Kindergarten Teacher

The rest coming soon!