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Parent Testimonials

Yiannis is doing very well in his new school, and he astonishes his teacher with his reading skills. They did a test last week, and it turns out that he can read as much as a First Grader in the 5th month …So that means he is at least 1 year ahead, and in fact 2 years, because he just turned 5 in January. They are going to put him on an advanced reading program in his class because getting to know the letters of the alphabet is not really a challenge for him. They also say that the other 3 students from Elan Esprit have the same reading skills, so it looks that all the Elan Esprit kids are really aces in reading.

– Parent

Teo’s first kindergarten parent-teacher conference; He scored higher than All the other kids in basically every perameter they tested him on. There were only 2 other kids that were even close. His skills from Elan Esprit are a definite success.


Just a note of Thanks!….I really appreciate you all taking the time out and making my child feel welcomed at the school….I am very happy with my decision to put her there and granted that its a 25 minute drive from home its well worth it. The exposure and the comfort she recieves from the staff amazes me…You all are amazing individuals…..

– Parent

Dearest Ms. Candy….Thank you very much for the good memories we are taking from your school. Aarnav thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and we are amazed at the way you are always coming up with more fun filled days every month!!

– Parent

Student Wins

I finished reading my whole book.

– Neha – Kindergarten

I finished my art and it is pretty.

– Kylie – Kindergarten

I’m happy I read my book.

– Allison – Kindergarten

I painted my easter egg.

– Franchon – Kindergarten

I can play Red Light Green Light.

– Brendan – Kindergarten

I can run fast.

– Anya – Kindergarten