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Product of Elan

Happy enthusiastic kids that have gained confidence in their abilities in a wide variety of skills

Every aspect of our program is designed to help each child reach towards his/her true potential. We have consistently found that children are far brighter and capable than they are allowed to be. Every child is waiting to be discovered then allowed to learn at a speed matched to that particular child. An Individual program is therefore an ideal that allows each child to flourish, rather than just a few. Our program includes a Quality Control Division. If a students runs into a bit of difficulty they get the ‘one on one’ needed to help them get quickly back on track. We team up with the family when needed as well. Overall, we are always shooting for the stars; A child that loves to learn in all areas of life. The result: enthusiasm, happiness, confidence and competence.

The Individual programs allow the kids to win as they take on learning and/or expanding upon various skills. Some of these are: Communication, music, manners, physical coordination, dexterity, following directions, working with a group, and generally learning more about the environment around them. As they are ready — learning to read, phonics, writing, and basic math will be included in their day.We are located in Milpitas and Santa Clara, California..

Our academics program is the toast of our school’s parents. Candy (the Founder) has spent 21 years researching, writing, refining and delivering our academics program.

And of course there are the field trips for which we are justly famous. The academic program would never work as well as it does without showing our students the real world around them.

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