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Children are individuals and are more capable than we give them credit for. We bring out that capability in your child, but in a low stress and caring environment. We do not pound them with academics all day, nor do we let them simply play all day. Our curriculum is proven to let them excel, not make them excel.

Elan Preschool specializes in ensuring that your child is happy, healthy, and ready to succeed as an individual and as a group member. Elan Preschool is both an academic and play based program. Our academic program will help your child with reading, writing, science, math, and art with an additional focus on communication, creativity, social and independence. He or she will master the use of basic tools that they will need throughout life. We run our program with routine and consistency as the children respond well to this. We also incorporate many shows throughout the month like magic, science, puppet, music and animals. Overall when the children leave our school they are well prepared for kindergarten but more often a little ahead.

Our Core Values

  • Children are individuals with unique abilities and needs
  • Children are capable of far more than we think
  • As a team with the parents, our job is to guide them on their journey to adulthood
  • Children should be taught how to solve problems, whether academic or personal.
  • Children should learn independence and self-determination within their maturity level.
  • Children should be competent and confident in the skills they develop