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Where we Treat Your Child as an Individual Capable Of Greatness

Preschool for Ages 2-5 serving Milpitas, CA as well as South Fremont and North San Jose

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Unlock Your Child's Potential at
Elan Preschool

At Elan, we believe your child is uniquely talented. Your child will have that talent nurtured in a balanced environment, neither overburdening them with academics nor letting them drift aimlessly. Our proven curriculum is tailored to enhance individual capabilities, ensuring your child is well-equipped for kindergarten and beyond.

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What Sets Elan Apart?

Academics/Play Balance

A child needs more than just academics and more than just play to grow and mature. You will see a perfect balance at Elan so that your child will develop to their full potential and have fun doing it.

Quote iconSchool focuses on all round development which includes basic learning and exposure to creative arts/music.- R.S. 2017
Quote iconElan's class schedules provide a good balance of learning and play.- A.T. 2023
Quote iconMore importantly, she made so many friends, had so much fun and came home everyday with a big smile on her face.- L.H. 2023
Quote iconAcademics is great with a good blend of extra-curricular activities and last but not the least, amazing events ( Halloween, Christmas party, Diwali potluck to name a few).- A.G. 2023
Quote iconHas a very balanced curriculum and focus is on both fun and learning.- S.B. 2023
Quote iconAs an elementary school teacher, I was looking for a preschool with experienced and caring teachers that provided a good combination of academics, play, and social interaction for my daughter. Elan exceeded my expectations.- N.L. 2020
Quote iconThey have a good balance of learning and play. Kids at this age don't need to be bombarded with curriculum. They need to socialize (learn to share, wait turns, play together, etc) and Elan has plenty of opportunities for that.- A.F. 2016
Quote iconMy kid learned so much but also had so much fun that I don't even realize that they can do that at the same time in one school setting.- N.H. 2020
Quote iconFirst let's here in his words: “This school is more fun :)” ( He went to a different school for a couple of months which was overly academic focused and with very little playtime). “I love riding bicycles and playing in the playground.”- S.P. 2016
Quote iconElan has a great balance between learning and play with a huge backyard the kids love running and biking around as well as lots of learning time.- A.H. 2014
Quote iconFriendly staff, huge big playground, a balanced mix of curriculum & fun- 2023
Quote iconMy son has been to 3 preschools. This is by far the best.- L.J. 2023
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Individualized Program/Tailor Made

Every child is different. They develop at different speeds in different areas and have different interests (and disinterests!) We address each child as themselves and see to what they need at that time.

Quote iconTheir academics is tailored for each student in that they work through books of worksheets at their own pace rather than going through a specific worksheet each day with the entire class together.- M.B 2015
Quote iconThey teach reading, tracing, writing according to the child's abilities.- N.S. 2021
Quote iconLess rigid than other schools, but still lots of teaching/learning opportunities- T.N. 2023
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Unparalleled Reading Program

Our reading program is very unique in both its practice and its results! It uses phonics, sight reading, drilling, clay and more. Even 3 year olds are typically reading to each other, and full paragraphs by graduation.

Quote iconMy oldest daughter (who is now in Kindergarten), started at Elan a few days after turning 2 and went into elementary school knowing how to read thanks to Elan.- L.H 2023
Quote iconThey have a great balance of instructional time and playtime. My daughter was reading well before Kindergarten as well as simple addition.- S.K. 2020
Quote iconFurthermore, we are proud that he is also able to read and spell a few words- V.T. 2017
Quote iconShe's learning to read color words and comes home so excited to read her books that she made by working on her cutting and pasting.- C.M. 2015
Quote iconMy daughter started Elan at 3. She's 3 1/2 now and can read many words, make artworks and coloring.- M.Y. 2009
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One-of-a-Kind Curriculum

While our curriculum is very defined as to its practice and results, it is designed so that its application is addressed to the individual child on that day. It is typical for each student to be doing a different activity than the others, going at their own pace or interests.

Quote iconThe group of teachers care about their work and love their children. Ms Elizabeth and Ms Laurie have a fantastic academic curriculum installed. My child left well ahead of his school grade.- A.B. 2023
Quote iconThe academics and learning skills for kids are well defined. The teachers will regularly keep the parents updated with the child's progress and will notify steps of improving if needed.- P.P. 2018
Quote iconI love their playground and curriculum is really good,which is not too hard on kids but makes them learn in a way where they enjoy.- U.A. 2016
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Exceptional Teachers

You expect very high standards and have high expectations of our teachers, as do we. They are trained in our unique curriculum and philosophy so they treat each child and parent with respect, caring and a happy duty to bring out the best in their charges.

Quote iconTo the staff of Elan preschool (Miss Elizabeth, Miss Jenelyn, Miss Candace, Miss Daksha, Miss Ava): You guys are magical!- A.S. 2023
Quote iconAll the teachers here do a very good job and they are the best.- K.G, 2023
Quote iconEach kid has a designated class and teacher, but it felt like all the teachers were my kiddos' teachers because of how they all took the time to know and help all the kiddos- A.T. 2023
Quote iconThe staff is so loving and caring, special shout out to Ms Laurie and Ms Elizabeth ( my daughter's favorite teacher :)) who go above and beyond to make sure they provide phenomenal support in every step and also address our concerns as parents if any- A.G. 2023
Quote iconTeachers are also very caring and deal with occasional tantrums with love and care.- S.B. 2023
Quote iconTeachers at Elan are working extra hours to also support online learning for some kids. Kudos to all teachers at Elan.- R.B. 2020
Quote iconThe teachers at Elan truly care for the kids and always do the best for them each day.- S.K. 2020
Quote iconThe teachers are caring & the environment is awesome… My kids love the teachers and I can totally tell the teachers are also very passionate for the kids.- N.H. 2020
Quote iconAnd, did I mention: all the teachers are super creative. They are creative not only in extra curricular activities but also academics! This makes it very interesting to the kids.- P.P. 2018
Quote iconFriendly staff, huge big playground, a balanced mix of curriculum & fun- 2023
Quote iconThe energy that the director & teachers show is amazing- L.J. 2023
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Large Playground

Your child will have lots of fun in our huge playground. Our playground has two large play structures, stepping stone, balance beam, rock wall, monkey bars, play house and many more small elements.

Quote iconElan has a wonderful play area. I am yet to see such a spacious play area at any of the preschools in the Bay.- A.S. 2023
Quote iconIt's a spacious school with a huge play yard. New play structures have been installed recently.- R.S. 2017
Quote iconGreat school, fun, huge playground- H.N. 2017
Quote iconThey have a huge playground, albeit it may not look like that from the outside.- A.B. 2023
Quote iconEvery day when we drop off our precious little ones, we know they are in a safe, loving environment where they will learn and have fun (they have a huge playground outside which is an amazing plus)- L.H. 2023
Quote iconThe highlight of-course is their playground which is huge with amazing play structures and plenty of room for all kids to have a good time.- A.G. 2023
Quote iconThe playground is huge and that was one of the factors we considered before enrolling him.- E.J. 2023
Quote iconElan preschool has one of the best playgrounds in the city.- P.P. 2023
Quote iconI love the huge playground and how they are improving the school infrastructure and the play structures.- R.B. 2017
Quote iconThey have a wonderful play area in the back (the largest at any preschool I have seen).- P.W. 2020
Quote iconThere is a HUGE playground area for kids to run around with plenty of bikes and toys.- A.F. 2016
Quote iconWe love the HUGE playground. Everyday I have to wait for my kid to play an extra 5 min (and 5 more & 5 more...) before the kiddo is willing to leave and get in the car.- N.H. 2020
Quote iconFriendly staff, huge big playground, a balanced mix of curriculum & fun- 2023

On Site Activities

Education is more than just reading, writing and math. It is experiencing as much as possible. This is the reason we do so many “field trips” in the school. They are tremendously fun, engaging and educational.

Quote iconThere is also an insane amount of events and shows, which I will try to name but likely am forgetting some: Halloween parade, Diwali celebration, Easter egg hunts, holiday party, science events, petting zoo, animal shows, music shows, magic shows, puppet shows, comedy shows, bubble shows, water slides, bounce houses, other water play, etc.- A.T. 2023
Quote iconThey also have lot of shows like bird shows, puppet show, petting zoo etc that makes pre school fun for kids.- S.B. 2023
Quote iconAcademics is great with a good blend of extra-curricular activities and last but not the least, amazing events ( Halloween, Christmas party, Diwali potluck to name a few).- A.G. 2023
Quote iconThey have regular puppet shows and animal shows and music shows and many more. I do miss the field trips that my son used to be excited about. But they have managed to bring the 'field' to the school.- R.B. 2017
Quote iconI also love how they bring outside entertainment like puppet shows, magicians, singers, and bounce houses.- A.F. 2016
Quote iconThey have good teachers, good playing space, fun activities arranged by professionals like puppet shows, bird shows, animal shows, art, music. In summers they do water slides, jumping houses etc.- N.P. 2023
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Teacher/Parent Communication

We understand that dropping off your little ones everyday can be hard. It requires a lot of trust and not a little emotional turmoil at times! One of the best ways to help you out is through lots of communication. Using the Brightwheel app allows you to be fully in the loop on your child’s day.

Quote iconI get updates daily on what they learned and how everything went with my boys.- L.G. 2014
Quote iconElan utilizes an app that allows guardians to check in and out their kids, teachers can post pictures, videos, and notes (ex. what the kids ate, potty schedules), and allows guardians and teachers to message each other. The picture and video posts were the highlights of my day and was a great way to engage my kids to describe their days.- A.T. 2023
Quote iconThey have an app called 'Bright Wheels', where the kids activities of the entire day is posted along with some pictures!- P.P. 2018
Quote iconTeachers are very responsive and communicative and give you feedback about your child frequently.- N.P. 2023
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Open Environment Invites Interaction

We have a unique layout in the school. Rather than separating everyone into individual rooms for each class, we have an open floor plan with areas designated for each class. This creates a more cohesive environment, the children get to know each other and teachers assist with other classes as needed.

Quote iconOnly one room but with multiple groups makes it easy on kids with separation anxiety in that they get to know all the teachers once and for all when they start and they only change groups within that room as they grow.- M.B 2015
Quote iconWe liked how the building is one large space so even with separate classes everyone is visible so all the teachers and students know each other.- A.T. 2023
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Problem Solving and Self-Determinism

Your child will learn how to get along with others and resolve differences on their own. A child grows as he gains the ability to make their own choices and own their own life.

Quote iconNaturally builds moral values, good hygiene and manners in children by building a healthy and fun environment (rather than forcing them to follow manners).- S.P. 2016
Quote iconMore importantly, both my wife and I agree with the school's right balance of letting the kids interact with each other while teaching the right discipline and etiquette for sharing.- M.Y. 2009
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Parent Benefits and Community

We also like to keep the parents engaged with the school and create a community. We celebrate all of the major festivals with pot-luck get-togethers. We do a date night every month where we babysit your children while you go out and unwind. More events are being developed.

Quote iconThe school celebrates festivals of various nations and it gives a chance to the families and kids to learn about different customs and traditions.- A.S. 2023
Quote iconThey also have started friday night date nights once a month which are fantastic for the parents and kids both.- A.B. 2023
Quote iconAt the potlucks the parents and teachers all get to know each other and we become one big family.- A.A. 2013
Quote iconThey also have date nights once a month where kids hangout together and watch a movie while parents can have a nice peaceful date without having to worry about kids.- N.P. 2023
Parent potluck

Safe and Secure

We use a keypad entry system (each family gets their own code) so unauthorized people cannot enter. We regularly sanitize all of the toys, markers, scissors and other such things kids touch a lot. We do a deep sanitization of everything multiple times per year.

Quote iconWhen they reopened in July, we didn't bat an eye to decide on sending her back. We were amazed at the safety precautions being taken at Elan, with class room divisions, small group classes, mask/ shields, outdoors checkin and checkout, no visitors/ parents, virtual shows and much more.- R.B. 2020
Quote iconI must also say that during this pandemic, I couldn't be more impressed with how Elan put safety protocols into place for the safety of the children and staff.- N.L. 2020
Quote iconDuring the pandemic, they have been doing everything possible to keep everyone safe while returning to in-person preschool learning.- S.K 2020
Quote iconThrough the pandemic I was impressed with the way the staff stepped up and involved the parents in making sure we all were aligned on safety protocols and transitioning to in person learning.- E.L. - 2020
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What We Believe About Your Child, and Every Child

Children are capable of far more than we think

Underestimating children is not in our DNA. At Elan, we firmly believe in the boundless potential that every child holds. Our role is to unlock this potential, revealing the remarkable capabilities that often lie dormant and unrecognized.

As a team with the parents, our job is to guide them on their journey to adulthood

We view education as a collaborative effort between the school and parents. Together, as a cohesive unit, we strive to guide each child, supporting their growth and development, ensuring they are well-equipped for the challenges of adulthood.

Children should learn how to solve problems

Beyond the confines of traditional learning, we instill in our students the ability to navigate challenges, be they academic or personal. Life is full of hurdles; at Elan, we arm our children with the skills to tackle them head-on.

Children should learn independence and self-determination

While safety and guidance are paramount, we also believe in fostering a spirit of independence. We encourage our students to make choices and decisions suited to their maturity level, promoting a sense of self-determination and confidence.

Children should be competent and confident in the skills they develop

At Elan Preschool, it isn't just about learning; it's about mastering. We ensure that children not only acquire skills but excel in them, instilling a deep-rooted confidence that will stay with them for a lifetime.