Kindergarten students

The Children are Building Confidence

They are more advanced and independent learners who even help others

Preschool for Ages 2-5 serving Milpitas, CA as well as South Fremont and North San Jose

Kindergarten Program

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Seamless Transition to Growth

The Kindergarten journey at our institution is a natural progression from the Pre-K program. Given the advanced skill set we nurture in our Pre-K stages, it's paramount that children experience this foundational stage before embarking on the Kindergarten path. This ensures every child is set up for success.

A Symphony of Skill

By the end of their Kindergarten year, students boast a vast range of proficiencies. Not only have they completed their basic phonetics workbooks, but they also have an impressive reading vocabulary, spanning between 50 to 300 words. Their mathematical prowess is sharpened, aligning perfectly with kindergarten standards.

Cultivating Effective Communicators

Our Kindergarteners are not just learners; they're budding communicators. Mastery in writing words pairs harmoniously with their enhanced communication abilities. Moreover, they develop strong thinking and reasoning capacities, ensuring they're equipped to express ideas and understand complex concepts.

Igniting a Lifelong Passion

Perhaps the most invaluable outcome is the love for learning we instill. Our Kindergarteners don't merely amass skills; they cultivate a passion. By the program's end, these young minds aren't just prepared for the next academic step—they are eager, driven by a genuine desire to continue their educational journey.