Pre-k students

The Learning Accelerates in Pre-K

Reading, writing, problem solving and physical skills really challenge them

Preschool for Ages 2-5 serving Milpitas, CA as well as South Fremont and North San Jose

Pre-K Program

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A Personalized Learning Journey

Our Pre-K curriculum is built around the individual. As students transition into the Pre-K environment, they seamlessly integrate into the group while receiving tailored instruction. If, for instance, 3 students are proficient with the alphabet and 7 are still learning, the program adapts, ensuring every child is placed at the right learning pace, working on the specific letters or skills they need.

Structured and Engaging Days

Every Pre-K day is a blend of disciplined learning and playful activities. Starting with exercises, followed by alphabet and phonics drills, children gradually dive deeper into their academic voyage. With 20 distinct book levels, each student often finds joy in reading to their peers. As their day unfolds, they master tracing, learn to write, and engage in precise cutting activities, ranging from cutting workbooks to associating images with words.

Hands-on Learning and Play

Mid-morning is a delightful mix of snacks, bike riding, outdoor activities, and good old-fashioned running laps. While these breaks rejuvenate their minds, they also ensure a balance of play and learning, essential for their holistic growth.

Afternoon Enrichment Sessions

Post lunch and an invigorating outdoor session, students either take a nap or delve into their afternoon classes. These split sessions consist of workbook exercises or hands-on activities like sorting, patterning, and using pegboards. The emphasis here is on building a smooth progression, enhancing their cognitive skills and ensuring each child can transition effortlessly from one task to another.

Cultivating Creativity and Community

Winding down the day doesn't mean the learning stops. After refueling with snacks, children immerse themselves in art, music, and more outdoor play. This not only nurtures their creative instincts but also fortifies the sense of community, rounding off a day rich in both academics and personal growth.