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Our program gives your child the best possible preparation for life.

Preschool for Ages 2-5 serving Milpitas, CA as well as South Fremont and North San Jose

Transitional Kindergarten vs
Elan Preschool

So why choose Elan over public programs? Great question!

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Elan has a Full Year Program

TK is a school year program only. This means you will have to find care over summer, fall break winter break, early spring break, late spring break plus the numerous teacher development days throughout the year. That amounts to 180 school days per year. At Elan, we go all year. We take the normal holidays and we are off for a week over Christmas week. We are open an average of 245 days per year.

Custom program vs one-size-fits-all

At Elan each student moves at their own pace and we address each child as a full individual to maximize their potential. Public schools are a one-size-fits-all factory model of education. Less so at the younger ages, but it is still baked into their DNA. So it is very easy for your child to get lost in the group. This is simply not possible at Elan.

Superior Academics and Development

Public schools have a lower expectation for the children. They do not believe many children can be taught to read at younger ages, so they do not try even for those that can. It's a lowest common denominator mentality. We believe all students can learn to read at 4 years old, ride a two wheeled bike at 3 or 4, can count to 100 at 4 and so on. Our older 4s and younger 5’s are reading each other books and helping the younger ones to read! The same goes for writing, social/emotional development, math, problem solving and others. We believe that they can do much more and so we bring it out of them as a perfectly normal, everyday thing.